Marketplace Manager

Launch on multiple marketplaces simultaneously

Connect your website, CMS, or ERP to marketplaces and access new audiences in Australia and around the world. Our marketplace onboarding specialists will do the heavy lifting for you and get you selling on marketplaces in record time!

  • Marketplace registration support.
  • Account and policy configuration.
  • Custom marketplace feed integration (API/HTTP/FTP).
  • Store visuals and product templates.
  • Launch planning and activation.
  • Low fixed cost integration.


Images that convert.

With mobile device usage exceeding 65% on most marketplaces, high-quality product photography and images are more important than ever.

Our team of in-house photographers and graphics designers take a conversion-focused approach to make your products stand out.

  • Grocery, beauty & general merchandise photography.
  • Fashion and jewellery photography.
  • On-body photography, ghost mannequin, and flat lay.
  • Advanced image processing including etching, colour correction, reflective surfaces.
  • Image enhancement (badging, measurements, etc).
  • Marketplace style guide adherence.
  • Digital asset creation such as banners and storefronts.
  • Product video including 360-degree, fashion runway, unboxing, and rendered video.
  • Studio or on-site photography.


Marketplace Manager
Marketplace Manager

Rank higher with better-optimised content.

Rise to the top with listings and ensure maximum visibility of your products.

Our team of copywriters and optimisation specialists are experts at optimising your product content for marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, The Iconic, as well as your own eCommerce site. Our Content Enrichment Engine ensures a fast, cost-effective and proven approach.

  • Product copywriting.
  • Title optimisation.
  • Feature bullets.
  • Structured HTML.
  • Category-specific attributes.
  • eBay Item Specifics.
  • Amazon Vendor pages.
  • Amazon A+ content.
  • Amazon Brand Stores.
  • Customised content.
  • Audience targeting.


Drive sales and trade effectively.

Growing your marketplace store and increasing your sales is hard work. Let our team of success managers and marketplace managers lighten your load and drive your sales.

We do the heavy lifting and ensure your store is performing at its peak…

  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Deal submissions.
  • Proposed listings.
  • Listing optimisation.
  • Seller health management.
  • Customer service.
  • Review management.
  • 3PL management.


Marketplace Manager

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